Preppin Weapon Sanding Block

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The Preppin Weapon is the next generation of sanding block.

Known as the "Preppin' Weapon" for years in the automotive industry, this versatile sanding tool is now being made available to woodworkers by BIGHORN.


Easy grip, comfort handle is alot less fatiguing than gripping a sanding block all the time.

Made from high-impact ABS plastic.

Spring Clip design holds single or multiple sheets of sandpaper equally tight.

The clips themselves require little sandpaper area for attachment, so you end up wasting a lot less sandpaper than you would with an ordinary block.

The mechanism is all stainless steel mechanism inside and polished stainless steel clips and levers on the outside.

Made in USA


Save time by clamping up to 4 sheets of sandpaper and then tearing them away one by one as the sandpaper wears.

Changing the paper is as easy as moving a lever back and forth.

There is no need to use adhesive backed sandpaper anymore.

Sized to fit a 1/4 sheet of plain-backed 9" x 11" sandpaper or a 2 3/4" wide sandpaper strip.

Designed to cut sandpaper waste by up to 36%.

Includes a 1/4" sheet of plain-backed 9" x 11" sandpaper.

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