Crown 45 Miter Jig by MILESCRAFT

Take the guesswork out of cutting crown molding
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With this jig there is no more thinking "upside down and backwards". This means fewer wrong cuts and less scrap molding. The intuitive "cut it the way you see it" orientation supports the crown molding on your miter or radial arm saw fence the same way it will be seen and installed on the wall.

Cut finished molding with no tear-out on the finished surface since the saw blade enters the material from the front due to its unique orientation. The adjustable angle setting allows you to easily work with common molding spring angles (38°, 45°, & 52°).

The angle finders help determine the spring angle of your molding while the wide indented cutting surface supports all crown moldings between 2" and 5.5". The Crown 45 also accommodates special dentil style detailed moldings and features a collapsible design for compact storage.

Product Instructions:

Crown 45 Miter Jig

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