Trim Carpentry Tool - Trim45 by MILESCRAFT

Trim carpentry without calculations
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This unique tool allows you to easily set a reveal of your choice from 1/8" to 1/2" in 1/8" increments, making it the perfect trim tool for any project. Adjust the reveal just enough to cover old paint lines with new trim or set a bold reveal for heavy shadow lines.

The accuracy of the Trim 45 allows you to measure from reveal to reveal rather than calculating the distance between the two. There are tape measure slots positioned for easy and accurate measuring with rare earth magnets that hold tape measure in place.

Mount the Trim 45 in corners by using the built in nail holes to measure long distances without an additional person to help. The pins also allow you to measure finish trim length without fumbling with the tape measure on an awkward corner. Great for installing door and window casement trim. Perfect for any project, from picture frames to picture windows.

Product Instructions:

Trim Carpentry Tool - Trim45

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