Tongue and Groove Router Bits | MLCS 3 Flute Assembly TripleWing™

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MLCS Tongue and Groove Router Bits is a one bit assembly that cuts a 1/4 inch high x 3/8 inch deep tongue and groove.

No need for a fence, the bearing lets you follow odd shaped material.

For 1/2" to 3/4" stock.

Cut Depth: 3/8".

Carbide Height: 1/4".

3 Flute, carbide tipped with totally enclosed ball bearing guides.

1/2" shank

The TripleWing™ Difference

The TripleWing™ Brand was created for the skilled woodworker that understands value and seeks a smooth cutting, durable, long lasting router bit at a great price.

Smooth-Cutting, Long-Lasting 3 Wing Technology.

Extra cutting blade (3 flute versus 2 flute) saves time by allowing more aggressive cuts, and therefore, fewer passes.

Run at reduced speeds, helping to eliminate burning on problem woods, such as, cherry, oak, and others.

Produce 50% more cuts per inch, for a smoother, cleaner result.

Stay sharp and last 50% longer than standard 2 flute router bits.

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