Planer Knife Setting Jig and Knife Hone Kit

Inexpensive, essential tune-up tools
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Get your planer and joiner in top condition quickly and easily to prepare for all of your woodworking projects with this inexpensive set of essential tune-up tools.

Planer Knife Tune-up Kit:

Combo Package #9384 Includes:

  • Planer / Knife Setting Jig
  • Knife Hone and Guide

Planer / Knife Setting Jig

Two piece jig for accurate set-up. Micro adjustable to 0.001". For both steel and carbide knives. The revolutionary design of this jig allows you to save time and effort while setting up jointer or planer knives quickly and accurately. The setting jig holds the knife firmly in position, freeing both hands for adjustment and tightening of the knife. This product also provides priceless added safety by allowing hands-free tightening, keeping fingers safe from razor sharp cutter knives.

Knife Hone and Guide

Hone your jointer and planer knives to razor sharpness in place. Avoid the hassle of disassembly and realignment. The Diamond Stone Knife Hone works on both carbide and steel knives. Sharpen knives right on the cutter head! The guide rides along the cutter head, holding the 300 and 600 grit stones perfectly aligned to the blade.

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