The MLCS Family of Router Bits

The MLCS Family of Router Bits includes the Premiere Eagle America Brand, the outstanding new K-Premium Router Bit Line and our Best Value MLCS Brand Bits. We have every bit you need to fit your needs and your budget. These router bits are designed by Woodworkers for Woodworkers.

What is the Difference?

Premiere Router Bit Premium Router Bit Best Value Router Bit
Professional Advanced Woodworker Project Level
Exceptional Cut Excellent Cut Very Good Cut
C4 Carbide Hardness C3 Equivalent Carbide Hardness C2 Equivalent Carbide Hardness
Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Made in USA Made in Taiwan / China Made in Taiwan / China
Extremely High Durability/Longevity High Durability/Longevity Average Durability/Longevity
Eagle Detail Information" K-PREMIUM Detail Information" MLCS Detail Information"
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